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Welcome to Associate Auctions, your partner in the world of auctions.  Associate Auctions is a South Florida based real estate auction company, we handle a diverse range of high value assets and manage every aspect of the sales process from vision to victory.  Explore our services today and get involved by scheduling an appointment with an advisor or sign up to our email notifications.

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Why should I sell my property in a real estate auction?

  • You decide the date the property sells

  • You decide the terms of the transaction

  • You decide to make your property stand out in the market

  • You decide to do business in the open public

  • You decide to find the true market value for your property

Proper use of the real estate auction method can be a tool for individuals and real estate investors who want to reallocate their assets.

How long does the real estate auction process take?

That depends on the size and scope of the property being sold. Typically, there is a 30-day marketing window and a 30-day closing period.




KC Daniel – you rock! The auction was over the top. You have demonstrated to me that you are truly an expert in this arena. In my wildest dreams, I never expected this. You were absolutely right when you said to me, “Relax, I will handle this for you. It’s what I do best.” Associate Auctions is 5 stars any day in my book only because there aren’t 10 stars.

Donna Shelden DiLeo, Client

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