Real Estate Auction in Fort Pierce Florida on 4.5 Acres

Real Estate Auction in Fort Pierce Florida on 4.5 Acres

Today was a great day for an auction. KC Daniel and his crew at Associate Auction started the real estate auction in Fort Pierce Florida. Quickly, the property was grabbed by a buyer for a great price.

The 4.5 Acre property, located on the iconic highway of US 1, yielded a decent crowd of about 25+ people on this humid and rainy South Florida day. Furthermore, serious buyers were in attendance ready to grab a chance at the deal, despite the unruly Florida weather.

The excitement of the auction truly created a lasting impression. The buyer and the seller were satisfied with the results, therefore making for a great day at the auction. In addition, many of the bidders were in it to win. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Who Grabbed this Deal?” Also, many want to know how can you auction your real estate? Also, just for giggles, let’s watch a short video of KC Daniel as he teaches Jeff of True Oldies 106.9 how to auction like a pro.

Winner of the Real Estate Auction in Fort Pierce

The auction started around 10 AM on the property. Lisa and John, from Pennsylvania, have prevailed and are under contract for the 4.5 Acres of commercial real estate on US 1 in Fort Pierce. The short yet effective bidding process garnished a happy result for the Pennsylvania couple.

The winners of today’s auction, done by Auctioneer KC Daniel of Associate Auctions, are Lisa and John of Pennsylvania. They are the new owners of 4.5 Acres of prime real estate on the iconic Highway of US 1 in Fort Pierce Florida.

KC Daniel and the team at Associate Auctions would like to formally congratulate Lisa and John. We appreciate your attendance and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Auctioneering Explained: The KC Daniel Method and Betty Botter Bought some Butter

After the auction, Jeff of True Oldies 106.9 and KC Daniel bantered about how Auctioneering works. In the following video, Jeff tries to copy KC slowly until camera girl Nicole, of the Hope Center for Autism, tells Jeff to give it a try. It is established pretty quickly that KC can rap if he so choose to and Jeff probably won’t have a career in Auctioning.

KC Daniels teaches how to talk like an auctioneer.

Interested in Doing a Real Estate Auction in Fort Pierce?

Interested in doing a real estate auction on your property in Fort Pierce? We are happy to help. Associate Auctions, home of the well known KC Daniel, makes the process easy. Additionally, spares no expense on promoting an auction. Reach out today and let’s get you a winning bidder.

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